All-Natural Beef

Our 100% Black Angus beef is raised on grass,  hay, and organic minerals with no added antibiotics, preservatives, or hormones.

Fresh beef is available by the half or the quarter.  Individual cuts and family deals are also available.  [Contact us] for pricing and availability.

Our packaged beef is dry-aged for three weeks after butchering and then custom cut, individually vacuum sealed,  labeled, and flash frozen.

All-Natural Pork

Our all-natural pork products come from healthy swine raised humanely on our farm. Our hogs enjoy a natural farrowing process to support healthy piglets, free access to the outdoors, foraging on wooded land, and nutritionally supplemental non-GMO swine feed specifically designed to support natural growth.

All-Natural Turkey

You can taste the quality in our all-natural turkeys, raised on a non-GMO vegetarian diet in pesticide-free pastures.  Our list of reserved holiday whole fresh turkeys has grown every year.  Use [this form] to reserve yours starting in August.   We also offer frozen turkey products year 'round.

All-Natural Lamb

The all-natural lamb products produced from Locust Lane Farm boast a flavor sought after by restaurateurs and home cooks alike. The lamb products contain no MSG and no added nitrates or nitrites.  All-natural lamb products are sold frozen to maximize storage and use.